3 Signs You're Living In A Matrix

3 Signs You’re Living In A Matrix

Matrix – I’m sure most of us have seen or at least heard about the movie hit movie “MATRIX” starring Kinau Reeves!

In nutshell it was about a computer hacker who discovers machines ( I think called sentinals ) are actually in control of what we do in an attempt to control and manipulate the human population. He discovers Morpheus w/ help from Trinity who helps explain the situation and offers NEO (Kinau ) a Red Pill… The pill opens him up to reality and the battle for true existence begins.

DISCLOSURE: For MATRIX fans out there, I know I’m over simplifying the plot and the theme of the movie so please forgive me. But it was in an effort to briefly illustrate my thought process and point.


Consider the 3 points below as a starting point and we’ll let YOU decide for yourself


1. You have a hard time answering the question: Who Am I?

When most people are confronted with this question the answers I usually get are: I’m a… Mom, Dad, Father, Son, Friend, Great Worker, Coach, Athlete, etc, etc…

The answers are never really about who they think they are but more labels on what roles they tend to play or be in life. Most of time people who don’t really have a grasp of WHO THEY ARE are extremely busy, tired, anxious, frustrated, hopeless but tend to play the happy role behind the labels listed above.

To really find out WHO YOU ARE… You need to spend time with yourself, Do things for yourself and appreciate yourself! Recognize and be ok with taking caring of YOU. Visualize what you want life to be like and begin creating the possibilities of making it so!


When I Let Go Of What I Am I Become What I Might Be – Lao Tzu


2. You can’t remember the last time you did something “JUST BECAUSE

When was the last time you just headed to the beach, the park, rode a bike, jogged or just climbed a mountain JUST BECAUSE.

Does there have to be a solid convincing reason for you to take time for yourself? Do you have to justify every single minute you spend on you? Taking time for yourself without having to justify it doesn’t equate to selfishness – It just means you’re being human and need time to unwind and recharge. Start using your WHY NOTS as reasons WHY YOU SHOULD!

Taking time out for YOU will eliminate negative thoughts, re-energize your mind, stimulate creativity and fuel yourself to live life more abundantly! Break free from the MATRIX – Change your patterns and you’ll begin to LIVE FREE!


Take Time For You – You’re Worth Every Second – Inspire To Win


3. You don’t dream anymore and lack inspiration for CHANGE

Perhaps you’ve convinced yourself that you’re happy with life as it is… But deep down inside true satisfaction and happiness is missing. You have a job that pays ok but it doesn’t represent that purpose filled life you hoped for growing up. You’ve settled down, setup up camp and have accepted the cards you’ve been dealt so to speak. However, maybe you enjoy your job but have a sense of greater purpose but don’t know how to achieve it. Regardless of your situation or how you feel – THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

Change you habits, change you state, change your story – CREATE YOUR DESTINY!

Stop living an Uninspired Life and Unplug from the MATRIX!

Living life big doesn’t mean conforming to the Twilight Zone and living life like the WALKING DEAD! We were created for more and as Les Brown says ” YOU HAVE GREATNESS INSIDE OF YOU“.


The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams – Eleanor Roosevelt


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