Are You Infected with Doubt and Fear?

Are You Infected?

Are YOU Infected?

You may be thinking to yourself…

Wow! What an intense and gory picture… If you are then great! I got your attention.

If you’re not well maybe it’s because You’re INFECTED!

Have you heard of the AMC hit series called ” The Walking Dead “?

( Ya that’s my inspiration for the image ). It’s your normal apocalypse style zombie eating humans survival of the fittest drama with a twist yet to be revealed. But what caught my attention was how humans actually got infected. For a while the series had you assuming contact by either being bite or scratched by a walker ( Zombie ) was necessary. However, we come to find out that every human being is actually already infected… The bite only accelerates the process of the Zombie transformation.

This small illustration got me thinking about success and how infections of the mind affect our health, wellness, prosperity and virtually anything else that limits your potential for maximum growth. I truly believe we are all infected with different mind bugs or mind infection’s that are specifically there to make you or break you. To be clear, I don’t mean you’re infected with a literal disease but metaphorically speaking we all have mind infections we may not know about until a situation accelerates the growth process.

Just like zombie bites accelerate the infection in the Walking Dead… Likewise problems, challenges, circumstances, trials and pressure accelerates our mind infections. When these particular situations arise we have a choice to make… We can allow it to take over and tap us out or we can combat it and get ride of the infection altogether!

Here are some of the Infections reported from the field:

1. Fear
2. Insecurity
3. Unworthiness
4. Negativity
5. Not smart enough
6. Abandonment
7. Co-Dependency
8. Guilt
9. Shame
10. Worry

Unfortunately most people don’t see these infections or way of thinking as a problem… Therefore they accept life, its outcomes and settle with the cards that were dealt to them. But they try… They view the cards, give it a shot akin to shooting an arrow into the dark and fold at the earliest opportunity just to remove the pressure and pain that the issue caused. They go about life avoiding, dodging, and living in defeat. A victim among other victims… Never coming to the realization that victory was just a choice away.

Ultimately living and looking like a Walking Dead cast member… Have you ever encountered someone like this?

We hope not! But there is Hope…

We must recognize the infections, combat them and use simple daily consistent principles to get rid of them. Just like in The Walking Dead… Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, support each other, uplift one another and stock plenty of supplies. Supplies entail motivational cds, books, and dvds… Join a mastermind group, a local toastmasters, a book club or an uplifting inspirational meetup group. Whenever the infection shows it’s nasty face write down the symptoms, talk about it with someone you trust and expose them! Your life is to precious, valuable and unique to just fold your cards. We we’re all uniquely created to bring joy, happiness and prosperity to ourselves and every single person we come across. Remember prosperity isn’t just about money… It’s about comfort, joy, peace and love!

This is a noble goal worth fighting for… A cause worth losing sleep over… An initiative worth giving up whatever it takes to live life to the fullest!

The infection isn’t who you are… It’s what you’re environment, friends, family and experiences has put on you! We gotta shake it off and recognize who the real You is… All the symptoms must go in order for you to live a life of complete abundance!

I pray and hope you recognize the infections and get rid of them asap… Remember it’s a process. The journey isn’t a sprint but a marathon. Be patient and stay positive – You’re about to embark on a journey very few take!


Let’s Inspire The World Together!

Angel L. Rivera