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Workaholic… To Be Or Not To Be?

A Workaholic according to Webster’s Dictionary and Wikipedia is: Webster’s – One who has a compulsive and unrelenting need to work.) Wikipedia – Workaholic is not the same as working hard. Despite logging in an extraordinary amount of hours and sacrificing their health and loved ones for their jobs, workaholics are frequently ineffective employees. Before […]

Work From Home… Is it possible?

Thanks for taking the time to read my Work From Home… Is It possible Blog… I created this page to share my desire, passion and calling to help people reach their full potential and live life to the fullest! While there are many different passions and desires you may have I personally decided to make owning […]

Purpose Driven

Purpose is a topic that can easily be misunderstood and is often overlooked because of the deceptive obvious meaning it has behind it.

I mean “Purpose” – It’s what your destined to become or what you were created to do in life!

Failure = Success

What?Maybe you already know what I mean maybe you don’t…Through my career as a professional dancer, studio owner and entrepreneur I have experienced my share of setbacks ( Or what I categorized as Failure back then ). These setbacks would literally kill me inside and out! No lack of reminders would arrive both internally and externally […]

Tired of the rat race? Need Motivation!

Great Leaders + Team Building + Inspiration = Freedom! Leadership is Key To Success Leadership is one of the key ingredients to success! If you don’t have anyone in your life to look up to, ask advice from, and or learn from. Let’s change that as fast as possible! Team Building Accountability and uplifting via […]