Consistency Is Key To Success!

In my opinion one of the hardest attributes and characteristics to master in life is CONSISTENCY

Think about it…

How many times have you started something and not finished? How many times have you committed to a project, a  promise, or a task and for whatever reason can’t finish, fulfill or follow through…

Then if that wasn’t enough… Now you gotta deal with the burden, guilt, and shame of letting friends, family, co-workers, and bosses down while trying to combat the feelings of inadequacy.

Maybe you’ve never experienced having to put your tail between your legs… If you fall into this category… Congratulations… Stop reading – Contact me – I want you as my personal coach! But I can almost 100% guarantee we have all let someone down in our life at one time or another.

Before I continue… Let me be clear on 1 important point.

When you become better at mastering consistency rest assured it won’t make you perfect but I guarantee you won’t experience the negative feelings of inadequacy… WHY?

The tips that I’ll give you below will allow you the flexibility and assurance of holding your head high when and if you do have to take responsibility of your shortcomings. Always remember… Everyone fails to hit their mark at one time or another… But applying the techniques below will give you the proper insurance to cover any damage while reaching your goals at being a consistent person.

1. Learn how to politely say NO – This is where 95% of people get in trouble. We don’t know how to say No.
2. FOCUS – Decide where to commit your attention and effort – And stay there!
3. Follow your PASSION… Seek it and capture it… Consistency is easier when you love what you do.
4. Start a simple task or project and repeat it everyday for 21 days straight.
* During this time write down all the things that tried to distract you. ( Then remove them )
* Keep track of how you spend every hour of your day.
* Record how you felt after accomplishing your daily goals
5. Don’t associate with inconsistent people… You can pick up bad habits far to easy.
6. Learn to forgive yourself and get back on track ASAP.
7. Reward yourself every couple of days
8. Find an accountability partner… Someone to hold you to your word and commitment.
9. Get a book or audio tape on Goal Setting.
10. Never, never, never…. GIVE UP

Being consistent will open up many doors to success!

You will begin to build trust, confidence, and credibility within yourself and of those around you!

I hope the tips above get your started on the right track… Although there’s much more to be said this short
blog will get you started on the right foot!


Angel L. Rivera