Ctrl, Alt, Delete…

If you’ve ever owned a PC your probably familiar with CTRL, ALT, DELETE…

At one time or another we have all used this simple combination of prompts.  (DISCLOSURE ) I’m not a computer genius but I’ve typically this function to completely stop programs from running that have either stopped functioning properly or working altogether!

For the most part after completing this process the PC returns to working order allowing
the user to continue working on their project at hand.

Why do I mention CTRL, ALT, DELTE…

In life we sometimes get stuck, remain in a slump and stop becoming productive in business, personal
activities, relationships and responsibilities. There comes a time in life when we have to metaphorically
hit “CTRL, ALT, DELETE to get things back on track.

How do you recognize whether or not this is an option for you… Here’s a few tips

1. Unsettling feelings of anxiety and frustration
2. Lack of sleep and concentration
3. Mood swings
4. Fostering negative thoughts and emotions
5. No zest for waking up in the morning

While the symptoms above are general – It’s usually the generalities  of life that stump and increase the
chances of mediocrity to settle in… It’s the normal grind of everyday habits that mold, conform and
institutionalize most people.

If you feel like your grinding in a never ending rat race it’s probably time to make some big changes! Find a mentor, join
a new social club that fosters individual growth, empowerment and freedom to be who you are… We we’re all
created to do amazing and wonderful things. Do yourself a favor and make the most of it!


Hit “CTRL, ALT, DELTE – Shut down the old programs and start to open new programs that will cultivate
positive thoughts, a zest for life, purpose, focus and above all happiness!

It’s possible! Make the necessary steps to freedom!


Angel L. Rivera