Failure = Success

What?Maybe you already know what I mean maybe you don’t…Through my career as a professional dancer, studio owner and entrepreneur I have experienced my share of setbacks ( Or what I categorized as Failure back then ).

These setbacks would literally kill me inside and out! No lack of reminders would arrive both internally and externally all day everyday. Friends, Family, Co-Workers, whoever, constantly reminding me of my mistakes or giving me their expert advice after the fact… You know the people that all of a sudden become experts once you fail (But didn’t give you their expert advice during your journey) or would have been in corner if you would have succeeded but were nowhere around during the process. Does anyone relate to what I’m writing?Your start to get the feeling of embarrassment, your confidence decreases, low self-esteem sets in, self image gets tarnished, and many other crazy thoughts that come shooting in like flaming arrows, each one taking its toll on you little by little. However, there is hope and a victory is waiting for me and you at the end of the tunnel!I’m so grateful (NOW) that I’ve experienced so much in life already. It’s challenges, trials, tribulations and joys have taught me some great lessons and Im sure will continue to teach me many more along the way. Being 30 years old some would say I still have milk on my mouth, to some I would agree! I have much to still to learn.

However, my main point for writing this short blog is to let you know that Failure doesn’t equal Failure – IT EQUALS SUCCESS!

Always remember by trying, being open minded and attempting to achieve greater success will have it’s challenges… You may fail, experience setbacks, suffer some pain or loss, but the fact that you tried makes you a success contrary to popular belief! When something doesn’t go as planned there is always a lesson to be learned… Always remember Failure is not bad! Quiting is… If you do fail… Fail Forward, get back up, wipe the dust off, strap your boots up and keep on thriving for success… You’ll get there.Once again… I started this blog is to keep things as real as possible and to give readers an opportunity to experience first hand the journey to my success. My success may not be your success but the principles, philosophies, and strategies that I’ve been studying have worked wonders in my life and can in yours!Here are some quick pointers to get you started in the right direction if your feeling or going through some rough times w/ achieving your goals:1. Find someone you can speak too. Someone that inspires you and gives you hope for the future. A mentor, coach, or leader.

2. Read! Read! Read! Click on my link entitled BOOKS – I have listed some great references to help you reprogram your mind and philosophy about business, money and success.

3. Start to listen to self-help Cd’s, podcast, and subscribe to daily newsletters that will help inspire you daily. ( I will have that option available soon )

4. Stop listening and watching the news. ( Get a newspaper and go to the sections that interest you ) The majority (Not All) of news broadcast can really get you stressed, depressed and in the dumps!

5. Evaluate what you’ve been doing and eliminate the people, activities, and habits that don’t produce positivity in your life.

6. Find your passion! Live your passion

7. Start the cultivating process to become a leader yourself and help others in the process. Remember everyone started somewhere – You don’t have to be a millionaire to start helping others. I’m not – YET  : )

8. Stay consistent, honest, and maintain a high level of integrity within yourself!Hope the suggestions I mentioned make sense and get you started on the right path to success…That my ultimate goal with this site… Assist and be an example… Lets join forces and make this world a better place!Please feel free to leave your comments and let me know what you think!

See you at the top!
Angel L. Rivera III