Finishing Strong…

Finishing strong is a huge topic that I personally struggled with for quite sometime and I’m almost certain has impacted your life in some way, shape or form as well.

So I decided to take a few minutes to write about my experience and how I overcome the small but enormous daily road blocks that come out to deter us from finishing strong.

Have you ever had a great idea, started a new venture, formed a new company with all the best ingredients aligned for success? You were excited, tenacious, motivated, and above all determined to finish strong!

* You had your business plan ready to go!
* Countless friends, family members and supporters were rooting you on!
* You had a few thousand dollars saved up for promotional advertising.
* Your business partner is your BFF.
* And you just received your BA or MA in Business and ready to conquer Goliath with your sling shot.

You seemingly started off on the right foot but something happens… Out of nowhere things start to go sour.

* The excitement settles and bills start to creep in faster than profits.
* Everyone that was by your side are as silent as an empty tomb in the middle of nowhere.
* Your desire, ambition, motivation and tenacity starts to get tested and your dream gets put to the test.
* You can’t seem to agree with your BFF on business affairs and decisions.

Every entrepreneur goes through the fire… And the fire will do 1 of 2 things…

* Burns you up and prevents you from finishing strong.
* Refines your idea and character and propels you to finish strong

My desire for you is option 2!

Allow the fire to refine your idea, build character for your success and catapults you to finish strong!


You shouldn’t pursue every idea that pops into your head. Just because its a good idea doesn’t mean its the golden egg of opportunity. Keep your thoughts at bay and under control… It’s paramount to your success!

Once you get your idea off the ground and your running the marathon so to speak… Here are a couple of tips to help you succeed and finish strong!

1. Never make decisions on the spot unless its absolutely necessary. Take time to think and even seek counsel from other business owners and or mentors in your life.

2. Surround yourself with like minded individuals that support your endeavors and goals in life.

3. Make sure your idea and or business is something you can commit to for at least 5 years. Many people say ” Do what you love ” – I agree

4. Always validate your partners ideas and Remember… There’s always a solution to the problems that will arise. Your in business with someone… Its like a relationship – You must cultivate or no fruit will produce!

5. Communication is key… Always communicate with your partners, employees, and vendors at all times.

6. Read and listen to self improvement books and cds… This is very powerful and vital to your success. You will be surprised how much negativity is subconsciously saved in our memory banks… Always sift out the bad and input the good.

7. Understand that nothing is easy in life… Everything worth pursing will cost you something. Sacrifice is synonymous with success. If you believed in your idea when you started hold fast and be creative to keep it going through the rough times.

8. 9 times out of 10 when the going gets rough breakthrough is right around the corner.

9. Stay focused on your mission and vision… Don’t let new ideas from the outside deter you from your original purpose and plan!

10. Make sure you have down time. Enjoy life during your business journey! It will ensure you stay balanced and healthy. Business is tough and finishing strong is even tougher!

I 100% wholeheartedly believe there is no better training than Just Doing It… No school can prepare you for the hard knock experience of opening up your own business.

Everything and anything will come against you but rest assured you can get through it!

Although much more can be said… Just Put Your Dream To The Test, Don’t Quit and Finish Strong.

See you on the other side of success

Angel L. Rivera

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  1. Aidababbette
    Aidababbette says:

    Son, I am very proud of you, and yes we are all tested from time to time most of the time more than others and of course without tests we have no testimony. And we continue to go full force! if we can see it we can be it! You have some great supporters that teach you, as long as we Keep the Lord first in everything we do we will be a success at everything and everything. Remember be still and know that he is God, If its his will you will go to far places. I love you with all my heart and will do as much as I can . You will be speaking before many people. Right now, God is placing you and strengthening you to be a great motivator for many.

    Love You; Mom

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