Have A Scrappy Doo Attitude!

Scrappy Doo!…

The fearless little GREAT DANE whom we’ve all come to love at some point in our childhood has a lesson for us to learn.  Packed with a feisty napoleon complex and a go get em attitude, Scrappy Doo knew how to get things done!

As I reflected on this fictional cartoon character, Scrappy Doo had many character traits we should embrace when pursuing our dreams and passions in life!

Let me at em! I’ll rock em and sock em!

This was Scrappy Doo’s consistent attitude… And although it seemed to always get his uncle “Scooby Doo” and company in trouble – It was because of Scrappy that the missions got STARTED!

It was his no fear, go get em attitude that fueled the action and movement for the team!

The best part…

Although he was a little puppy his GREAT DANE attitude was always displayed… He had an innate, innocent, yet very powerful confidence and esteem about himself that nobody could contain. I believe we all have this inside us… But along the journey of life we’ve allowed circumstances to tell us who we are and become like his uncle Scooby Doo… Fearful, doubtful, and forgetful of the greatness inside of us… Scooby Doo forgot he was a GREAT DANE!

What have you forgot about yourself? Have you allowed the circumstances of life to determine your future? Are you living up to your full potential? Do you have a GO GET EM & SOCK EM attitude?

It’s not too late!

1. Embrace who you are… Love you!
2. Start to develop confidence in yourself by setting some small goals you can achieve
3. Begin reading books and listening to motivational media to get you pumped and ready for the week
4. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals who will celebrate who you are & encourage you to reach your goals
5. Believe in You! You have greatness inside of you… Anything is possible!
6. Push, pursue and trail blaze the way like Scrappy did… At the end you’ll come out victorious despite the resistance.


There’s only 1 you… You’re unique – Dream again – Pursue it!

If you don’t you could delay adding greatness to this world because only you could accomplish your dream!

Watch Scrappy Doo in action… And although Scrappy isn’t real his creators ” William Hannah and Joseph Barbera are… This was their dream.. They made it happen and so can you!

Live Life To The Fullest!
Angel L. Rivera