Purpose Driven

Purpose is a topic that can easily be misunderstood and is often overlooked because of the deceptive obvious meaning it has behind it.

I mean “Purpose” – It’s what your destined to become or what you were created to do in life!

Although purpose does mean the above mentioned, it does however have a much deeper meaning and takes soul searching to figure out and implement. For some… It happens fast… for others… takes time.

Regardless of the time frame… Remember its a marathon not a sprint. Your purpose in life is something to really take serious and ponder… We only have 1 shot at life… One shot to make a difference… One shot to leave a legacy to remember!

From my experience purpose starts from within… You have to begin with yourself and determine what on earth are you here for? The beginning of your philosophy, your beliefs and convictions will ultimately determine who you become and what you live for everyday!

You have to follow through and believe in yourself… Don’t worry about what others may think! You have to believe in your dream and passion and pursue it with courage and strength. Don’t be carried away by every wind of doctrine, idea, and or new best how to philosophy. Once you decide to follow your purpose stay steadfast, focused and determined! Don’t let your feelings get the best of you… Feelings change all the time and are not the barometer for success!

My experience in life, my search for answers, and quest for purpose lead me to believe with conviction that we are all placed on earth for a specific purpose and mission. What that purpose is and how to achieve it is in our hands everyday. Every decision we make, every thought that crosses our mind, and every word we speak has a lasting effect on the outcome of who we become and what we achieve. We aware of your surroundings, relationships, and attitude… You could be speaking to your next business partner.

Life also has it’s way of throwing curve balls. These curve balls have the potential to detract us from our purpose and set us off track. I like to call this: “THE CRITICAL PATH”.  The Critical Path is all about decisions in the midst of trials. We have choices to make and regardless of what we choose we will pay for them in some way, shape or form. Always, always, always think about the situation before making a choice!

During “THE CRITICAL PATH” we will encounter numerous challenges and trials. Its important to view these as opportunities to get refined, build character and develop skills to achieve greatness. In order to find your purpose and live it you must develop consistency and perseverance… What better way to develop these skills than to be put to the fire!

Below are some quick bullet points to assist you in your PURPOSE finding process! I hope my blog gave you some insight and inspired you in some way to take action… Please feel free to leave comments. I would really enjoy hearing from you!

1. Reflect on the definition of PURPOSE ( Pertaining To Your Life). Do you feel like your walking in purpose?

2. List your desires, dreams, and goals on a piece of paper. Then list why you want to accomplish them and how they would fit in with your purpose?

3. As you were listing your desires, dreams and goals write down (if any) every negative thought that came into your mind that attempted to steal your desires, dreams and goals.

4. Take each negative thought and counter it with a positive thought! Refer to my links and books for a starting point… Feel free to contact me for recommendations as well. Start replacing your negative thoughts with other positive, life enriching content. Our mind is the biggest super computer ever created… We have the ability to store so much more than we do… Empty your old hard drive and fill it with a new one… Metaphorically we
have to install a Anti Virus system in there and get the Trojan Horses, Spyware and Adware out!

5. Get involved with a daily blog such as this one and others… Subscribe to newsletters, change your reading library, listen to self help cd’s while driving instead of your local radio station.

6. Once you combat the negativity and feel you have the tools and confidence begin to tackle your goals and purpose one step at a time. Remember its a marathon not a sprint!

7. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals… Always remember! You are who your around!

Once again… Please feel free to comment, write me and let me know how this “PURPOSE DRIVEN” blog helped you today!

Best Regards and Much Success
Angel L. Rivera

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