Stuck In A Slump?

You Ever Find Yourself Stuck In A Slump with the feeling of emptiness, no direction, and absolutely no motivation to keep you going?

Maybe it comes and goes, maybe it lingers around for far too long… Regardless of its duration, it can be a horrible and annoying feeling that many of us could live without!

However… is it really so bad to feel this? Could this be what some of us need in order to force us to ponder & reflect on our life and purpose?

The majority of  great entrepreneurs, founders of Fortune 500 companies, and prominent public figures seem to believe so. They have felt this feeling, endured it, and came through it winners… Most giving credit to this period of their life for the success they now possess.

I for one truly believe the slumps in life give us time to reflect and re-organize our thoughts for the future.

The quiet times need to be embraced with open arms… Allow your mind to decompress with all the worries, frustration, anxiety, and problems. Surround yourself with influential individuals that have come through this valley. They can lend insightful suggestions and guidance through this process.

Remember… Being in a slump doesn’t mean what your doing is wrong or off course… Being in a slump means that you’ve done something that others haven’t done… YOU’VE STARTED! Traveling down the road less traveled will never be easy. Expect bumps in the road and even some moments of failure or miscalculated decisions along the way. Its all a part of the process! Its a part of the voyage…

You will never discover if you don’t set sail…

Use this opportunity to re-energize yourself with new information… Self education, Inspiring Stories, Quotes, and
anything else you can get your hands on to help encourage and fill our tanks back up.

Our mind is the worlds superior computer… The most complicated structure I believe ever created. The best scientist in the world are still perplexed by the magnificent and brilliance of the human brain. The more and more scientist discover the more and more complex and in depth it gets.


If our mind started us on the journey… It has the capacity to see us through!

During the slump we need to fill our tanks back up so to speak… We treat our cars, houses, relationships, etc
better than we treat our self… Why is this? If our cars, houses, and whatever else we put energy into need
maintenance how much more does our mind?

Getting through the slump is the pit stop time of our life! Don’t see it as a negative point of your life… See
it as an opportunity to get filled back up.

Use this time wisely…

Stock up with the tools and knowledge you’ll need to finish the journey ahead!

Here are some quick points to get your through this period:

1. Recognize when your in a slump.
2. Write down how you feel and whats causing you to feel unproductive.
3. Designate time to meet with a coach, mentor, or a role model for advice.
4. Read, Listen, and Meditate on positivity and your future actions.
5. Slowly build a plan of action to get back on track.
6. Give yourself goals and deadlines to meet your plan of action… Stick to them.
7. Consistency is KEY… Regardless of how you feel!
8. Always remember your not alone!

Best Regards and Much Success!
Angel L. Rivera
Founder of

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  1. Josh
    Josh says:


    Great Post! Everyone gets into a slump no matter how much they try to avoid it. Thanks for taking the time to encourage people need the extra nudge to help them out of that “funk”


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