Are You Infected?

Are YOU Infected?

You may be thinking to yourself…

Wow! What an intense and gory picture… If you are then great! I got your attention.

If you’re not well maybe it’s because You’re INFECTED!
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Are You Walking In Purpose?

In Episode 24 – Angel Rivera talks about the importance of finding your PURPOSE and why its so important!

Finding your purpose sounds so cliche… However so many people are searching to no avail… Angel will offer some direction to steer you in the right direction using Apple and YOUR WHY!

We don’t know where you’re at but we trust you’ll gain some small nuggets or even the BIG ENCHILADA to get you playing BIG in life!

So whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, father, mother, wife or husband looking for ways to live the best you TODAY – This podcast is for you!

Get ready to be Inspired!

Consistency Is Key To Success!

In my opinion one of the hardest attributes and characteristics to master in life is CONSISTENCY

Think about it…

How many times have you started something and not finished? How many times have you committed to a project, a  promise, or a task and for whatever reason can’t finish, fulfill or follow through…

Then if that wasn’t enough… Now you gotta deal with the burden, guilt, and shame of letting friends, family, co-workers, and bosses down while trying to combat the feelings of inadequacy.

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Scape Goat… Are You Playing This Game?

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Scape Goat” – Most commonly known when someone disassociates blame from themselves and places it on someone else who is innocent.

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Have A Scrappy Doo Attitude!

Scrappy Doo!…

The fearless little GREAT DANE whom we’ve all come to love at some point in our childhood has a lesson for us to learn.  Packed with a feisty napoleon complex and a go get em attitude, Scrappy Doo knew how to get things done!

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Failure = Success

What?Maybe you already know what I mean maybe you don’t…Through my career as a professional dancer, studio owner and entrepreneur I have experienced my share of setbacks ( Or what I categorized as Failure back then ).

These setbacks would literally kill me inside and out! No lack of reminders would arrive both internally and externally all day everyday. Friends, Family, Co-Workers, whoever, constantly reminding me of my mistakes or giving me their expert advice after the fact… You know the people that all of a sudden become experts once you fail (But didn’t give you their expert advice during your journey) or would have been in corner if you would have succeeded but were nowhere around during the process. Does anyone relate to what I’m writing? Read more

Message From Angel L. Rivera!

Hello and thanks for visiting InspireToWin! is a new site/blog that I personally started to help inspire, motivate, and educate everyday people and especially those who are thinking about pursuing the life of an Entrepreneur!

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