Your Network Will Determine Your Networth

Have you ever tried to conquer the Entrepreneurial mountain by talking to people that are in your circle of influence? Do you feel more inspired and enthusiastic or do you end up feeling less inspired, motivated and ultimately deflated at the end of the day?

Well if you answered less… No worries!

There’s hope and this blog will give you the necessary tools and some tips to get you over the hump and that much closer to success!

1. First – Conduct a self evaluation of your current network. Do you have friends that love to party, hangout, and take life as the wind blows. Are you surrounded by positive minded, enthusiastic and driven individuals who wish the best for you or do you have negative minded, debbie downers who ultimately want you to stay in the same misery they’re in to make themselves feel better. This is in my opinion is the biggest stepping stone to climb while pursuing your DREAM. This is where most people surrender and give up. This is where mixed feelings and second thoughts come into play… This is where co-dependency thrives! In order to achieve maximum success and achieve your DREAMS you will definitely need to have a network that breads and lives for SUCCESS! If you don’t be prepared to lose some friends, colleagues and family members… Not because you want them out of your life but because they will no longer be able to thrive in a Successful environment.

2. It’s also vital to understand that your current network of friends, colleagues, and family members may not have the same tenacity, work ethic or motivation to pursue any goals outside of their current responsibilities. Most people are happy with their seemingly secure 9-5pm job and anything outside of that just seems like another thing to do. When you realize your motivation and inspiration may not be what your friends, colleagues and family members want it can eliminate the feelings of rejection from the start. This will also enable you to love them where there at with compassion!

3. Realize that you will have to make a paradigm SHIFT… Your mind, actions and daily routines will have to change to attract success and get the results you want to achieve. Read books, listen to audio programs and join positive productive networks in your local area that breed personal growth and empowerment!

Once you understand and being your journey doors will start to open and success will be on the Horizon!

In order for your circumstances to change – We must change!

Always remember… Your immediate network will determine your Networth!

To Your Success!
Angel L. Rivera